Re: Allowing remote root login seems to be bad. Why?

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Kosala Atapattu さんは書きました:
| On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 11:21 PM, David Edwards
<DEdwards@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
|> Ron,
|> I do agree that allowing root access in some cases does make sense.
| Are we missing something. Tell me that I don't understand something
| here. How can a user doing "su -" and jumping to root after login with
| a regular user be different from login with direct root.

The key difference is that they are not logging in as root. There are
more hoops to jump through before they can even try.

The majority of attempts on my boxen are to try to log in as root. All
the rest are attempts to log in to non-existent accounts. fail2ban
slows down the attempts. There appears to be a flaw in the botnet(s)
that causes it to repeat already failed attempts several times so
fail2ban helps helps greatly to impede their progress.

It seems that su is risky. It should have more restrictions built into
it, perhaps some kind of access control like sudo has. Some admins
remove or rename su, put it in a wrapper or set permissions to permit
only root and/or certain users to use it. A log watching script can
nail users who use su too much or have many failed su attempts.

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