Fwd: Re: What is difference between '5900:localhost:5900 remotehost' and '5900:remotehost:5900 remotehost'?

Quoting arguellodw <arguellodw@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hello all,
I'm having a difficult time understanding the difference between these two
local tunnels.

There is indeed very little difference. The only difference is that
when sshd on the remote host goes to connect to the target port of the
forward, in one case it will connect to "localhost" (, while
in the other case it will connect to its own IP address, whatever that

It's possible this can make a difference, though, if you're using VNC
(as I suspect you are from the port number) and are starting Xvnc with
the `localhost' option. In that case, I would guess, you can't
connect using the name of the remote host; you would have to say

-- Scott