Re: Passive sftp?

On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Leroy Tennison wrote:

I've heard of passive ftp but this is new to me. I searched the Web for
'passive sftp' and got 32 hits total of which only a few applied and none of
which explained anything.

Is there such a thing? If so, what are it's features and
characteristics? The comment came from a vendor in the context of
"keeps sftp from prompting for a password" which I had associated with
user keys. Is the vendor confused or do they know something I don't?

In the FTP protocol, "passive" means that only one connection is
established, originating in the client. All trafic goes over this
connection. (In non-passive FTP, the server opens a second channel back to
the client.)

No such differentiation exists in SFTP. There is only one connection.

The vendor may be using "passive" in a different sense, but I don't think
it is a widely accepted usage.

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