Re: issue with transferring text files from windows to *INX using scp/sftp

Not sure whether \r is handled in all unices. IINM AIX does not detect
\r in vi or sed. In AIX we hadle it through ctrl + v and ctrl + m.


On Feb 12, 2008 8:33 PM, Christian Grunfeld
<christian.grunfeld@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What I do is %s/\r//g in vi or sed to remove the trailing CRs


2008/2/12, Russell Millard Oliver <Tick@xxxxxxxx>:

SFTP does not handle ascii files, you'll need to do it in your client.
Depending on which client you are using, there is probably a setting to
tell it to transfer ascii files and which files it should consider ascii
by extension. If you aren't moving the standard .txt files, then add
your extension to that list. I noticed that some clients, like
Filezilla, don't convert the files like it seems like they should.
WinSCP works well for that.

Good luck,

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Subject: issue with transferring text files from windows to *INX using

Each line of text files transferred from windows to
*INX using scp/sftp contains Control-M characters.
It is a pain to run dos2unix utils when there are a
few hundred files.
I did not experience issue when using ftp to transfer
files from windows to *INXs systems
Is there a switch or ssh_config configuration setting
to suppress the Crontrol-M during transfer ?
Thank you

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