Re: ssh connection stop at "debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent" - problem with linux 2.6 and vista

So I'm not sure if you're still having this problem or not (it is 2 months
later), but I have been fighting with it myself for several months and have
gotten nowhere. In my case, the delay was caused by my local SSH client
trying to look up Kerberos credentials, but I am not using Kerberos! I was
able to resolve the issue by simply adding the following to the end of

GSSAPIAuthentication no
GSSAPIKeyExchange no

No restart necessary -- the next time you initate an SSH conneciton, it
should take effect.

I had one or two stubborn systems where it still happened and I resolved
those by putting the same lines in /etc/sshd_config so it changed the way
the server behaves. In this case, you'll have to restart the SSH daemon for
the changes to take effect.

Hope it helps!

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