Re: Two SSH servers on the same machine

Richard Blasiak wrote:
When the DHCP client recieves a new IP address it invokes a script called
/sbin/dhclient-script . This script has hooks to call user-provided
scripts if they exist on enty and on exit. Try "man dhclient-script" or
google "linux man dhclient-script" for more information. You should be able
to use this to dynamically adjust your sshd_config file specifying the new
ListenAddress. Then send SIGHUP to sshd to cause it to re-read
the sshd_config file

I've had some off-list replies to my inquiry, as well, and they also seem to
suggest there is no sshd-specific way to solve my problem. I was planning
to do what you have suggested, but I thought I'd ask if I could do it
entirely inside sshd_config first.