Re: HPN-SSH Performance vs. OpenSSH/SFTP Performance

To my knowledge, the HPN-SSH patches have not yet been rolled into the
OpenSSH tree.

For a local LAN, the "-o NoneSwitch=yes" option to turn off encryption
will improve network performance by reducing CPU load, but you could
also use the "-c none" option in standard OpenSSH.

Note - The standard "-c none" option is NOT the same has HPN-SSH's
NoneSwitch option. Only consider "-c none" on a "safe" network. I am
not sure if the "none" cipher is even available in some Linux

However, for high-speed, high-latency connection, HPN-SSH rocks. With
the proper tuning of TCP options, our cross-continent gigabit
connection runs at 15MByte/s, as compared to ~700kByte/s before

On Nov 13, 2007 12:37 PM, Mathew Brown <mathewbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just came across the High Performance SSH/SCP - (HPN-SSH) - - and was wondering if
the HPN patches had been ported to mailine OpenSSH. If not, what
suggestions are available for improving the speed of SFTP in local LAN
environments? Thanks for your help.
Mathew Brown

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