Re: Propagating terminal settings

Thanks for the response.

william estrada wrote:

Three options:
1) A short 'expect' script

This seems easiest for me. I think I will do this for now.

2) Modify your login script of the target machine to detect a login
from your primary PC (env SSH_TTY, SSH_CLIENT, etc.).
3) Write your own interface to set the terminal environment.

If this could be implemented easily in the client then it would be nice. I am not sure how easy it would be to do. I might have a look. If anyone has any opinions about it, let me know.

I like #2 the best.

William Estrada
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Sipos wrote:

I can fix this by doing stty erase ^? to change the setting after I log
in but it is impractical to do this every time. Is it possible to get
ssh to propagate the terminal settings from the terminal it is run in to
the one started on the remote machine?