SSH command in windows

Hi again,

To complete my previous post, I would just mention that I'm using SSH2 on
both client and server. My problem is not so much how to create a public as
that can easily be found all over the web. My problem is whether it's the
correct workaround in order to be able to perform the command I mentioned.

Any idea?

Previous post:

I'm working on an NT machine and wish to run a compilation on a remote UNIX
server using a SSH. I am calling the command from an application (Eclipse):

ssh -tt user@host cd home/dir; make

If I understand the matter properly, I should install some authentication
key in order to avoid password demand during login so the command can be
run. Note that I have only limited access to the file system of the UNIX
server as defined by my view. I can thus only modify files within my user's

Could you direct me to what could be done? If my question lacks of
information, feel free to request it and i'll do my best to answer. This is
the first time I use SSH so excuse me if I miss the point

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