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Subject: Re: Port forwarding confusion
Date: Friday 24 August 2007
From: Johannes Graumann <johannes.graumann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Joseph Spenner <joseph85750@xxxxxxxxx>

I'm through! Thank you so much for your help!


On Friday 24 August 2007 22:06:30 you wrote:
--- Johannes Graumann

<johannes.graumann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for your input. Excuse my naiveness, but
assuming I want to do the same
for ldap/sieve and co: can I do that through the
same 2022 tunnel or do I
need a new one for each protocol?

Thanks, Joh

Assuming OUTSIDEBOX can connect to your
OUTSIDEMAILSERVER, you should be able to connect


the tunnel in #1, then another tunnel:

2a) ssh OutsideboxUser@localhost -L
9993:OUTSIDEMAILSERVER:993 -p 2022

Then point your email client at localhost:9993

You can forward anything TCP. You just need to 'chain
them along'. For example:

ssh OutsideboxUser@localhost -L 9993:OUTSIDEMAIL:993
-L 3389:OUTSIDELDAP:389 -L 2000:OUTSIDESIEVE:2000 -p

Then use your client to:
ldap localhost (port 3389)
sieve localhost (port 2000)


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