Re: Port forwarding confusion

Thanks for your input. Excuse my naiveness, but assuming I want to do the same
for ldap/sieve and co: can I do that through the same 2022 tunnel or do I
need a new one for each protocol?

Thanks, Joh

On Friday 24 August 2007 21:34:12 Joseph Spenner wrote:
--- Johannes Graumann

<johannes.graumann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm in a firewalled LAN which provides a ssh-proxy
to access outside machines
which I have to use like so:

1) build tunnel
ssh ProxyUser@SSHPROXY -L 2022:OUTSIDEBOX:22

2) make connection
ssh -X OutsideboxUser@localhost -p 2022

What I now wish to do is to access an outside
mailserver (especially port 993)
through this proxy.

Assuming OUTSIDEBOX can connect to your
OUTSIDEMAILSERVER, you should be able to connect using
the tunnel in #1, then another tunnel:

2a) ssh OutsideboxUser@localhost -L
9993:OUTSIDEMAILSERVER:993 -p 2022

Then point your email client at localhost:9993

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