Re: Username length limitation on SSH

I've updated my RPMs to the latest:


but am still having the same issue.

Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust this so a username of with the length of 2
characters (i.e. ab) can SSH without being prompted for a password?

Or is this a bug that is going to be corrected in a future release?


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Subject: Username length limitation on SSH

I am trying to set up a Red Hat ES 2.1 box to allow me to SSH in without a password. I am running the following versions of RPMs:


I've created my public and private keys via ssh-keygen and everything works great except for one thing. I'm able to SSH from my local client to the my remote server with no password now successfully, however it only works if my username is 3 or more characters long.

Is there a way to adjust this so a username of with the length of 2 characters (i.e. ab) can SSH without being prompted for a password?


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