RE: Connecting to host

Let's just say that who we're trying to connect with is a large bank.
They have several other vendors/clients that are connecting through SSH
without issue. I'm quite sure they have outgoing Internet access.

They DID successfully test the SSH connection (internally) with my user
account. We may look at just PGP encrypting the files and using good 'ol
FTP to transfer the files.

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On Tue, 3 Jul 2007, Kelly Thomas wrote:

We have recently been asked by one of our vendors to connect to their
system through SSH. They are a Unix Host - beyond that, I don't have
much information.

We are a 'windows' shop and I'm using Putty version 0.60 to connect
a Windows XP Professional machine. I have created a public key and
it to them. They have also sent their public key to me. From what
they're telling me, there should be no password to connect.

When I try to connect it first asks for my passphrase. I'm assuming it
will only do that the first time to validate my key - not sure.

The private key you created with PuTTY may require a passphrase. That
be what you're seeing.

Or, their end may not be correctly finding the public key for you. If
not, then it may be reverting to password or keyboard-interactive

I believe PuTTY can run with some debugging turned on. This will give
some information about what authentication methods it is finding,
allowing, tying, failing, etc.

After typing in my passphrase for the key, I get a disconnect message:
Server sent disconnect message type 7 (service not available):
"Unsupported request (pty-req)."

This sounds seriously like their SSH daemon is not set up properly. Are
THEY able to SSH to their server? Are they able to do so and log in with

your username?

It's also possible that they succeed from inside their firewall, but
you attempt to come in from outside the firewall, the firewall (or
is intercepting the SSH connection. They would need to configure the
firewall/router to forward a port 22 (default for SSH) connection to the

appropriate internal machine.

Are THEY able to connect in from the Internet at large (outside their

This message appears to be something on their end but they are telling
me it's on my end. Can anyone help?

It sounds to me like it is on THEIR end.

You might want to try Anzio Lite, our SSH client, available from the
website below.

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