Re: Problems with cross-compiled OpenSSH

On Tue, 2007-06-05 at 07:43 +1000, Darren Tucker wrote:
Dallas Clement wrote:
Hello All,

I have successfully cross-compiled OpenSSH, but when I try to start the
sshd process on my target system, it complains as follows:

/home/dallas/openssh_install/etc/sshd_config: No such file or directory.

Sure enough, that directory does not exist because that is where the
makefile installed the files on the host from which I did the
cross-compilation from. The path should have been '/etc/sshd_config'
instead. It looks like the incorrect path is somehow embedded in the
sshd executable.

I am configuring openssh as follows for cross-compilation:

./configure --prefix=/home/dallas/openssh_install \
--with-zlib=/home/dallas/zlib_install \
--with-ssl-dir=/homd/dallas/openssl_install \

If I do a make and then a make install, the various config files are
installed to /home/dallas/openssh_install/etc

However, I would like for the various executables to look for the config
files in the /etc directory on my target system. Does anyone know how to
do this properly?

./configure --sysconfdir

I can see that there is a --sysconfdir option, which if I set
to /etc/ssh, the make install will try to install the config files to
that directory on my cross-compiling host system which I do not want!!

Use "make install-nosysconf" instead.

Thank you. This works very nicely.