RE: Limits on passphrase for ssh-agent?

I seem to remember that the key format is different between putty and
OpenSSH on Linux. A colleague of mine figured out the hoops to transform
the format, but I do not remember how it was done.

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Subject: Limits on passphrase for ssh-agent?

On FC4 using openssh-4.2p1-fc4.1, I have
generated RSA keys with ssh-keygen, copied them
to a Win2k box, imported them into Putty, and
successfully used them. Now I tried to import
the original private key on the Linux box into
an ssh-agent with ssh-add. I enter the passphrase
with the mouse copy-and-paste capability and the
passphrase is rejected as bad. (I do the same
thing successfully on the Win2k box.) Could it be
that some characters should be disallowed from the
passphrase? Now, I allow characters:
if(isgraph(ch) && (ch != '\'')) . Should there be
further restriction? What else might be the

Thanks for your help.
Michael D. Berger