openssh-4.2p1-chroot on Tru64 Unix 5.1b


I am trying to setup openssh-4.2p1-chroot (obtained from ) on an Alpha server running Tru64
Unix 5.1b. I have created a chroot area and it is working correctly
when I run "chroot /path/to/chroot /bin/sh" , but when my chroot user
logs in via ssh they are not chrooted. I have checked that the source
code is patched, the user is connecting to the patched daemon, and
that the users home directory is configured with a "dot" in it.

During my debugging I have noted that the do_setusercontext function
from session.c is not being called when I login. As far as i can
tell, this is because the post-authentication part of privsep is not
supported on Tru64. Is anyone able to advise if this seems correct,
and if so is there a recommended alternate place in the code to
perform the chroot?

Any assistance is appreciated and please advise if further information
is required. Cheers.

Mat Chai

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