Re: Arriving at a specified directory instead of the user's home

That's easy. Just create this script, calling it something
like /usr/local/bin/arrive

#! /bin/sh
# Go to the requested directory
cd ${1}
# Find out the user's preferred shell and execute it
exec `getent passwd $USER|sed -e 's|.*:\(.*\)$|\1|'`

Then, to login, type

ssh -t [your usual ssh parameters] /usr/local/bin/arrive ~/local/mystuff

(You can omit the directory, /usr/local/bin in this case, if it's on
the user's PATH.)

It works for me. Let me know if for some reason it doesn't work on your
system. Note that you need to specify -t in order to get a proper
terminal allocated - since you're using a script, openssh assumes that
you won't need a proper terminal, so you have to tell it otherwise.

On Sat, 10 Mar 2007 05:10:18 -0800 (PST)
agostonbejo <bejoag1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


By default when I ssh onto a machine, I arrive at the user's home
directory. Can I somehow specify upon ssh'ing that I would like to
arrive at a different one?
Something like this:

ssh -target-directory=~/local/mystuff user1@themachine
password: ...
user1@themachine:/local/mystuff # ...

Setting up the target directory permanently won't do, because it
varies where I would like to arrive.
Can it be done somehow?

P.S.: This is the version I'm using: "OpenSSH_4.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8a
11 Oct 2005"



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