Re: Allow password auth for one user with sftp?

Adrian von Bidder wrote:
(Context: I'm not subscribed to secureshell, so my original posting was discarded after the moderators didn't approve it for more than x days.)

On Monday 22 January 2007 07:09, you wrote:

PasswordAuthentication no
Match User sftpuser
PasswordAuthentication yes

If you're interested I can supply a copy of the patch that adds auth
support (against 4.5p1).

That's exactly what I'm looking for. A copy of the patch would be appreciated, I'll have to think about using it on my server -- I don' feel very comfortable using a hand-compiled sshd instead of a Debian-packaged one...

(Apologies for the delay, but I hadn't actually ported the patch to 4.5 when I wrote that and it took longer than expected to get around to it.)

I have attached it to the bugzilla bug:

You want the last attachment (#1240) which is against 4.5p1.

Have people already looked at the patch? Is it realistic that it will eventually end up in openssh? If not, I guess I'd better just run a second sshd on port 2222, but obviously I don't really like this.

It was just committed so it will be in the next major release of OpenSSH (4.6).

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