Re: login differences between LAN and WAN to openSSH on cygwin with putty

Michael Sorens wrote:
I have been having the darnedest time trying to figure out what is happening here:

I am running openSSH on Cygwin on WinXPhome on my home LAN. It is actually behind a wireless router (R2) then behind a DSL modem (R1) before it gets to the internet. I have port-forwarding from R1 to R2, then from R2 to my PC/ssh server.
I am able to login to my ssh server with putty from another PC when I am inside R2's subnet, and when I go to R1's subnet, but when I try to access it from R1's external IP it fails.

Some details on the failure:
(1) Initially putty timed out until I realized ZoneAlarm firewall on my ssh server was blocking it, so I just turned off that firewall for now.
(2) Then, running sshd on port 2444 (a randomly picked port) putty came back promptly with "Connection refused".
(3) Changing sshd back to the standard port 22, I now get a strange response--putty opens and immediately closes (too fast to see if there is any message).

I tried to turn on logging in sshd_config, even setting the loglevel to DEBUG, but the /var/log/sshd.conf remains stubbornly empty.

The real question, then, is: What am I missing in my configuration to get putty to work from the internet?
Failing an answer to that: how can I get sshd logging turned on to try to see what is happening?

~~Michael Sorens

Depending on what DSL modem and router you are using,there is probably a setting for SSH passthru.

Don't know ,from what you've said ,what router or modem you are using,but check out their config's to see what is passed through,and what is blocked.My guess is that you will you find a config for a passthru besides port forwarding.More specific to what you need.....i.e. PPTP,IPSEC or SSH.
Most likely under NAT in modem.

Can't say without knowing what brand or model of router,but it should have an SSH setting,also.

Hope this helps.