Starting OpenSSH client on a windows machine from a batch file


First time poster; please forgive me any protocol transgressions.

I am using openssh to secure a Synergy (mouse and keyboard sharing) connection between two machines on the same desk.

I can start ssh fine if I enter the following command into a cmd promt or even straight from the 'Run..' dialogue:

ssh -f -N -L 24800: <ssh server>:24800 <ssh server>

With this port re-direction in place I then point the Synergy client at localhost and a secure connection is made and everything works fine.

To make the process easier for my users - for some of whom starting the command promt is a bit too technical - I would like to either have the secure connection run at startup or have a batch file for the user to click on but I cannot get the ssh command above to run like this.

From a batch file it repeatedly runs the command, never connecting, until it runs out of memory space.

Many thanks, in advance, for your time.


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