Re: X11 Forwarding wrote:
I am having difficulty getting X11 forwarding to work, DISPLAY isn't
set. This is an LFS-4.1 based system, rather than a commercial distro
(kernel-2.4.31, XOrg-6.8, openssh-3.9p1), so I may not have all my
scripts setup right. (I added 6010 to /etc/services, and that was no
help.) I have enabled forwarding in sshd_config on the server &
ssh_config on the client.

If xauth wasn't in the path when you built sshd then it won't know where to find it, and it's needed for X11 forwarding. You can put the location in sshd_config ("XAuthLocation /path/to/xauth").

If that doesn't work then try running ssh and sshd in debug mode ("-vvv" and "-ddde" respectively) and see what it says.

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