Authentication type per user

Hi, using OpenSSH 4.5, protocol 2.0 on Intel platform Linux 2.6.X

What I want to do is has per-user authentication types. The system default
is to do public key authentication, however, some users don't understand the
concept of carrying around a private key or creating one, so I would like
those users to use password authentication. Unfortunately, after using a
"match user" in my sshd_config, I was not allowed to add
"PasswordAuthentication yes". Anyone know how to overcome this?

As for my second issue for today, I was wondering how one might do the
following: publickey authentication followed by password authentication. I
have enabled both in my sshd_config, but it seems that only one is used to
authenticate at a time, as though a user can choose what to use. I want it
so both are required to get in, so the login screen might look like so:

login as: dude
Authenticating with public key "James_Stickland"
Passphrase for key "James_Stickland":
Last login: .........

I was able to do such a thing with various commercial SSH daemons. Thanks
for any help.

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