Carriage return character added automatically


I have a problem concerning text files.
I use a Java package (SSHTools) to connect over SSH from an application
running on a Windows machine to a Linux machine. After connecting I use the
LESS command to perform some operations on a text file located on the Linux
My problem is that the carriage return character is added to the end of each
line if it is missing (if only the line feed character exists, it is
automatically "padded" with a carriage return character).
I'm trying to disable this, because it causes me some trouble (I use the
LESS prompt in order to find out the byte offset of the current window, and
this number does not match the number of bytes sent to my client over the
The problem is that I don't understand who adds this character - the
candidates I can this of are:
1) The LESS function.
2) The host machine.
3) The SSH protocol.
4) The Java package I use.
Please advise on how this can be solved, it is a real pain.

Thanks a lot,

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