Re: Openssh in batch from Windows with public key

Might be shooting in the dark here, since i have no experience with windows schedulers
but the scheduler might run as another user, and ssh demands that your key is only readable by the user.
A quick fix might be to change ownership of the key to someone who's not using it at all (like nobody on a unix system) and change the permissions on the file to something like 444. Not a recommended practice though :)


On 19 Jan 2007 10:55:29 -0000
bruno.nigro@xxxxxx wrote:

Hello, I have a problem with a openssh client running on a Windows 2003 server; the client has to connect to a ssh server running on a Linux Red Hat Enterprise 4, using public key authentication.
I've run through all the required steps, and everything works fine when I connect interactively (logon to the Windows 2003 server, and running this line from a dos prompt to execute a command on the remote server : "ssh user@server command".
The problem arises when I want to do the same thing through a batch run by a scheduler; I'm using a Unicenter scheduler, but the problem is the same if I use Windows task scheduler. The batch job hangs, and I cannot obtain any kind of log; in my opinion, it cannot find the public key of the user. I tried with the -i option, but no result; anyone can help me ?
Thanks Bruno