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If you have problem bypassing X-11 session on your FW this woulb be a
nice option, but take in consideration, that some comercial firewalls
like checkpoint ( I don't know if it happens the same with ..e.g.
netfilter) does not apply state-inspection to X-11 connections and need
to setup a bidirectional rule, from server a to pc C ando from pc C to
server A, like a packet filter.

It is not the principal topic but it might save someone a bit of time.

Thiago LPS wrote:

now you have to do it

log into your firewall with ssh -X firewall ( the -X is to do a

after this... do it:

ssh -X solaris

so.. every GUI that you execute in solaris will be forwarded to
firewall, but the there is one more X-forward on firewall that will
redirect the X-session to your box

this worked with me... :)

remember to set up X-forwarding enable on sshd_config

On 11/14/06, Karun <karunanidhis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Guys !
I have the following problem. I need to know if ssh port forwarding
can be
done for this.

I have Server A (Solaris)which needs to run a grpahics program.
Server A resides behind a Firewall.
Server B (Solaris) has access to Server A through ssh. There is a
Rule that was implemented to allow ssh traffic from Server B to Server A.
Both Server A and Server B do not have Graphics monitor attached to it.
I have PC C in which I'm running cygwin (X server). I would like to
the grpahics program that is invoked on Server A on my PC C. My PC can
(using putty) to Server B as they are in the same network.

Obviously, when I export the display on Server A to my PCs IP address,
getting "Can't open Display" because Server A cannot talk to my PC

Thanks very much for your input.

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