Re: Fronting SSH (Linux)Server with Windows repository?

Hi Patrick,

Sorry about the confusion here. What i wanted to do is to use SSH
Server on Linux to handle all the SSH protocol, but the **home
directory** of the user needs to be hosted by a Windows Server share
and the user credentials need to be maintained in Windows AD.

It's a bit convoluted but I am constrained by the requirements.

There are a fwe ways to do that, but one of them would be to use an LDAP
PAM module.

Where would I be able to find these documentations?


On 11/9/06, Patrick Morris <trick@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
toadie D wrote:
> ( new to SSH and Linux Security)
> Is it possible to run a SSH Server on Linux that has a repository on a
> Windows machine?
I'm not sure what you mean by "repository" here, but if I'm following
you, it sounds like you just want to authenticate SSH against AD.

There are a fwe ways to do that, but one of them would be to use an LDAP
PAM module.

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