Re: where are sshd log files located?

E. Hakan Duran wrote:
I am a novice user of openssh. I apologize in advance for my silly question below, but recently I started having connection problems from my work computer to home computer via ssh. I am trying to locate the ssh server's log files but I don't know where they are located. /var/log/auth.log fails to log my logging attempts from work. The error message that displays when I try to connect from work is "Connection refused".

Where your log files are located depends on how syslog is configured on your system.

As far as your connection problem, if you're seeing "Connection refused," there's a very good chance you're never reaching your SSH server at all. Have you tried some basic network troubleshooting, like telnetting to port 22 to see if it's open on the address you're trying to connect to?