where are sshd log files located?


I am a novice user of openssh. I apologize in advance for my silly question
below, but recently I started having connection problems from my work
computer to home computer via ssh. I am trying to locate the ssh server's
log files but I don't know where they are located. /var/log/auth.log fails
to log my logging attempts from work. The error message that displays when I
try to connect from work is "Connection refused". I am able to login from my
laptop to the server within my home network. Yes, the server is behind a
firewall/router but port forwarding is enabled. Originally I was using the
port #22 for sshd, but because of numerous attacks from all over the world I
switched the server to a different port through sshd_config. I was able to
connect for a while after I made all these changes but a couple of days ago I
realized this wasn't the case anymore. I am also suspecting a block by my
work IT department. Is it possible to block my logging attempts from the
client (work) part?

I am using Open SSH 4.3 as the server and WinSCP (last version) as the client
at both my laptop and work computer. Any input will be greatly appreciated.


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