RE: Who to run sshd as

Personally I use the privilege separation with SSHD so it can start and
bind to port 22, but when ever someone logs in a child process starts
with no privileges, it has a home directory of /var/empty and the shell
on my Solaris and HPUX boxes is /usr/bin/false and on Linux it's
/sbin/nologin. The user gets a child under their name only, so no more
privileges than you allow that user. This capability has been part of
OpenSSH for quite a while now, I know at least to the early 3.x


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Hello, im running openssh 4.4p1 for Linux

I setuid the sshd binary to execute as a normal user "joe"
but that user does not have permission to bind the socket.

How can i have my sshd run as non-root, yet still bind the socket?

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