Re: slow ssh

Thanks turned out to be a DNS problem.


gpk wrote:

Hopefully somebody here can help me out with an interesting problem.
Here's what I have.

Location 1:
2 - Fedora Core 5 Servers
5 - Windows XP Boxes

Location 2:
3 - Fedora Core 5 Servers

The two locations are connected via site-to-site VPN tunnel. When I try to
ssh from a server at location 1 to a server at location 2 over the vpn
tunnel it takes about 1 minute to get the reponse asking for a password.
If I ssh from the same server to the other fedora core 5 server on my
local network it prompts me for a password immediately. Now I thought this
might have been a issue with the VPN tunnel, but when I ssh to a server at
location 2 from a windows XP box, I'm prompted immediately for the
password. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is, but it's driving
me insane! Anybody have any idea what might be causing this problem? I
thought it was a dns lookup problem, but I have dns entries both
directions and the servers can lookup each others IP addresses.

Thanks in advance.

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