Announce: X.509 certificates support version 5.5.1 in OpenSSH 4.4p1

Hi All,

The version 5.5.1 of "X.509 certificates support in OpenSSH" is ready for download.
On download page
you can found diff for OpenSSH versions 4.4p1.

What's new:
* specific diff of 5.5 for OpenSSH 4.4p1
Because of OpenSSH source code changes, like include statements and new server
option "Match", X.509 certificate support specific files should be changed too so
those files cannot be same as in 5.5 for OpenSSH 4.3p2 and 4.2p1.
As result of OpenSSH changes new version number 5.5.1 is required.
* ocsp-path patch included
The patch for ocsp-path component issued on 4 Sep 2006 is included in this version.

Also note recent OpenSSL security advisories and make sure that your crypto library
is not vulnerable.

Roumen Petrov

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