Re: openssh: Enabling sftp, but disabling ssh?

On Tue, Sep 05, 2006 at 12:04:07PM -0500, Mark Holden wrote, and it was proclaimed:
I forgot to mention that we're using RHEL AS3 (currently at update 8)
and RHEL AS4 (currently at update 4). Does scponly support these

From a quick read of the scponly web page:

- it seems to indiate that SFTP will work as well--is that actually the

Yes, I use it for many clients to have secured file-only access via SFTP
client software.

- it appears to require a chroot'd environment. If this is the case,
then I assume that the target dropbox will have to be in that users's
chroot'd environment. If so, then I assume it would make sense to
replace the global dropbox that the rest of the system/users use to be a
symbolic link to the dropbox in that user's chroot'd environment (so
they don't have to see the gory details of chroot'd environments).

It doesn't require a chroot. It offers a chroot as an option. Basically,
this means that chdir(..) will only be possible inside the chroot and
only internal symlinks will be awarded. You don't need to run any

- I assume this would be a patched to the openssh package? Or is it
simply installing the scponly shell on the system and pointing that user
id at that shell in /etc/passwd?

Not a patch. It is a user's shell, simply use it instead of /bin/nologin or

The SSH "sftp" protocol effectively logs in the user using:
bash$ ssh user@host sftp-server
(though there are a few other details)

That basically does a "remote execute" of "sftp-server" on the remote host,
and connects your stdin to its stdin, and its stdout to your stdout.

You can generally run any command on a remote machine in this fashion:
bash$ ssh user@hostname top

So its nothing really special to just make a drop-in replacement for a
shell that will only allow sftp-server and scp to be run, while disallowing
everything else. I actually crafted a similar "restricted shell tool" for
rsync-over-ssh, which uses effectively the same principle.

I'm busied out with another deliverable at the moment, so will dig
deeper into what you mention below in the next coupld of days

By the way, the pizzashack reference seems to indicate that there are
security risks, so that concerns me. Does "scponly" have security risks
as well?

Never heard of the pizzashack thing until recently, scponly is in Gentoo
portage... also FreeBSD ports has it, and it seems widely accepted.


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Mark Holden wrote:
Does anybody know if it's possible, using openssh, to allow file
transfer to/from a machine, using sftp, for a specific userid, and
disallow ssh login/remote command execution for that same userid?
Other userids on the machine should be unaffected.

I do exactly that on my system; you can't achieve it with OpenSSH alone
and need to use a helper allocation such as either scponly[1] or



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