Re: openssh usePAM publickey and pam_filter issue

El Jueves, 31 de Agosto de 2006 08:30, escribió:

I can choose the hosts a unix user have access to by adding the
"accessto" attribute.
In every client, I have the next entry on pam_ldap.conf

pam_filter objectclass=posixAccount)(|(trustmodel=fullaccess)

It works using ssh connections with password mechanism, gdm or just

But Ive created a public key pair with ssh-keygen, and I can log in all
the clients ($HOME throw NFS) although my user has no "accessto"
attribute for these hosts.

Looks like pam_filter is used only for filtering user data and not
for the account management in the pam_ldap. Can you run your ssh server
with -ddd flags, try to log in with user that has no 'accessto' attribute
and see what stage of PAM rejected that user.

One more idea: do you use pam_nss? If yes, then pam_unix can let you
in, because it looks up user using nsswitch. pam_nss (at least version 252)
does not use pam_filter configuration item. Try to eliminate success=1
from string below and see if it will help.

Really, it is a libnss issue. Ive not changed account pam configuration, just

shadow: files ldap


shadow: files

on nsswitch.conf

Its reported at README.Debian on libpam-ldap.



# /etc/pam.d/common-account - authorization settings common to all

account [success=1 default=ignore]
account required
account required

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