Re: SCP hangs wile coying large files

Can you use rsync -e ssh? This should be able to "resume" the file transfer, and maybe rsync will let you get around the problem you are having with scp (about which I know very little). Also, can you rcp through a ssh tunnel without hanging?


On Jul 20, 2006, at 3:53 PM, Kevin Armstrong wrote:


I'm trying to scp a large file (9 gig) from a Sun server, OS Solaris 8 to a Sun Ultra 5 using OpenSSH_3.7.1. The file transfer always hangs at or around 3 gig. I know this is an older version of OpenSSH and this may have been resolved in a later version. But if there is someone who knows how to correct this without upgrading, I'd really appreciate your assistance. I cannot upgrade the servers at this time because these are production servers. Thanks in advance.