Re: Port Forwarding - Firewall Traversal

I don't know about THIS situation as I don't know Oracle but port
forwarding HTTP (port 80 or even 443) is TOTALLY ssh port forwarding
friendly. The ONLY problems you might have are DNS, where the server
expects the request to say "" instead of "localhost" but
even that can be hacked with an edit in your hosts file.

I've port forwarded port 80 lots of times with SSH with no problems.


Pierre Neyron wrote:
It's not working. I can see in the firewall log that it allows the
first packet to go to the app.server on port 9000 and it drops the
second packet that goes for some reason to the app.server on port 1810.

The HTTP protocol is not ssh port fwding friendly.

Am I missing anything?

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app.server being a linux (?), I think it may be worth trying to use an
iptables rule instead of ssh fwding (but needs root privileges):
# iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s your-work-station -d appserver -p tcp
--dport 9000 -j REDIRECT --to-port 1810

another idea:
on appserver:
# ssh -D 9000 -g appserver
then configure appserver:9000 as a socks proxy server in firefox on your


Scott Baker - RHCE
Canby Telcom System Administrator