RE: Port Forwarding - Firewall Traversal

From: Henry Kupets [mailto:Henry.Kupets@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

I have a host (Oracle app.server) in DMZ that I need to
access through HTTP on port 1810 from the Windows PC that
resides inside the LAN. The firewall does not allow traffic
through port 1810 but allows traffic through port 9000. (When
I point the browser to http://appserver:1810 it returns "The
page cannot be displayed").
I was trying to set up port forwarding on the app.server using:

1) Changed sshd_config on the app.server (AllowTcpForwarding yes)
2) Ran on the app.server: ssh -g -L 9000:appserver:1810 appserver

It's not working. I can see in the firewall log that it
allows the first packet to go to the app.server on port 9000
and it drops the second packet that goes for some reason to
the app.server on port 1810.

Am I missing anything?

Apologies if I sent two of these -- having connectivity issues. It's also
late and my first response bordered on boneheaded.

Are you connecting to http://localhost:9000?

I also think you're overcomplicating things a bit. If it were me, I'd use:

ssh -L1810:appserver:1810

Then browse to: