Encrypt "identity" with aes256, not with des3: is ssh able to decrypt it?

Hi all!

Following situation:

as i generated my ssh-keys i noticed, that the encryption used to
store the private key set to des3.
So i saved the key using aes256, what succeeded without problems.

> cd .ssh

#Converted my dsa-key to plain
> openssl -in id_dsa -out key.plain

# encrypted the plain with aes256
> openssl enc -e -aes256 -in key.plain -out identity

# copy id_dsa.pub to identity.pub
cp id_dsa.pub identity.pub

The problem encountered as i tried to connect to a remote server, where
i placed my public key - the ssh seems to be unable to decrypt the key!

This is the output i got:

root@xen:~# ssh root@thor
Enter passphrase for key '/root/.ssh/identity':
Enter passphrase for key '/root/.ssh/identity':
Enter passphrase for key '/root/.ssh/identity':

The password i used for testing was simple, so i have not
mistyped it, 100%-ly.

Who have an idea?



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