Two-hops SSH tunnelling


I managed to get the following working:

A firewall between SERVER and CLIENT only allows TCP port 22 from
SERVER to CLIENT (but not viceversa!)

SERVER -------22------> CLIENT

What I would like to achieve via ssh tunnelling is to send TCP port
1984 traffic from CLIENT to SERVER:

SERVER <-----1984------ CLIENT

by running (on SERVER):
$ ssh -f -N -R 1984:SERVER:1984 CLIENT

Now I'd like to add the next (and last) bit of the configuration to the

There is another firewall between CLIENT and GOOFY, again only allowing
TCP port 22 from CLIENT to GOOFY (and NOT viceversa!):

SERVER -------22------> CLIENT -------22-------> GOOFY

What I would like to achieve via ssh tunnelling is to send TCP port
1984 traffic from GOOFY to SERVER (through CLIENT):

SERVER <-----1984----- CLIENT
SERVER <----------------(CLIENT)----------1984------ GOOFY

Please note that:
a. the remote forwarding of 1984 from CLIENT to SERVER is already working;
b. there is no native process on CLIENT listening on port 1984.

I ran `ssh -f -N -R 1984: GOOFY` on CLIENT,

but testing that with telnet from GOOFY, it failed as follows:

[GOOFY]$ telnet localhost 1984
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

So, how do I do that?
Any security issues I shold be aware of?

Thanks in advance


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