SSH, Solaris, and X-Session Hang

Hello Everyone,
I've got an interesting problem that I can't seem to fix.

I'm running Solaris 8, SSH 4.2p1/SSL 0.9.8a, Exceed 8 on Windows XP...

I've setup X forwarding with SSH on Solaris and all is working fine. I
can open xterms from my XP clients and the like and everything works
like it should.

But, when I do an XSession with Exceed and fire up CDE, it comes up just
fine, and the user can do whatever, but when the user exits CDE the
session hangs... The only way out is for me to kill the xserver...

Had anyone experienced this before and know a work around? I'm a little
"brain dead" right now, and I know I didn't give enough information, so
if I left something out, just yell at me...



Joseph A. Gaude'
Computer Systems Management
General Dynamics - AIS
Mountain View, California