RE: using ssh for login authifcation

It does indeed sound like what you have isn't so much an SSH issue as it is
a PAM configuration one. It sounds like you may want to just disable the
use of PAM in your SSH configuration altogether.

Without knowing anything specific about your configuration, I don't know if
that's a valid option for you, but it should give you the behavior you want.

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Subject: using ssh for login authifcation

I use ssh all the time and I am irritated that I need to first login via my
passwd and then give my passphrase. I thought why not just give the
passphrase, as I do when I do a remote login via ssh.

I got the message from the list moderator that this may be irrelevant here -
but IMHO it is related to ssh. Anyway he pointed me to PAM, and indeed I
found a module that should fullfill my wishes.

So my question is: is pam_ssh the way forward?


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