Re: who command on solaris 2.8


I have a problem with ssh when I run the who command. I'm working on Solaris 8 with OpenSSH_3.9p1.

$ who
root console Feb 28 00:08
u782744 smb/1 Mar 27 10:20
u752359 pts/1 Mar 30 10:01 (UNKNOWN)
n95455 pts/2 Mar 23 08:30 (UNKNOWN)

As you can see, the client address is 'UNKNOWN'. If I telnet to the box, the client address is found though.

I have a bad feeling the sshd was compiled on Solaris 2.6 so suspect that might be the problem, but wondered if there were any other known causes?

Could you set "UseprivilegeSeparation no" on the server side and see if the problem still exists. If it works as expected let me know.