It does not seem to work.
It appears that for sshd, sshusers would have to be their primary group and it is not.

It also appears that the Allow* directives act like seives. You have to pass all of the specified criteria to get in.
This means they would have be in the right group AND local rather than OR which is what I need.

Does anyone know how to do this with PAM?
I now have the "remoteusers" group setup so that might make it easier.


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Ron Wheeler wrote:
I would like to allow ssh access from
1) anyone on the network
2) anyone on a list of users.

An alternative to using pam_listfile (assuming you're using OpenSSH):

Put your chosen few users into a group, say, "sshusers" then put the
following in sshd_config:

AllowGroups sshusers
AllowUsers *@192.168.1.*

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