Re: SecurID and SSH

Hi there,
I have tested two different ways:
The one is to take an OTP-Token - in my case the Aladdin eTokenNG - and
just change the pam config using the pam_radius module.
This works without fiddling around with the code.
But the even nicer way is, to use smartcards to authenticate against the
ssh-server. There is a pkcs11-patch for openssh that enables you to use
the private key from your smartcard.
Doug.Leece@xxxxxxx schrieb:

I have had a request to implement 2 factor authentication for some servers running SSH. We already have an extensive RSA SecurID infrastructure so that seems the obvious choice. I have tracked down a patch to the code that supports SecurID, and I was wondering if there is a better way or if anyone has had success implementing SecurID authentication for OpenSSH.
Thanks in advance,
Doug Leece

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