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On Mon, 13 Feb 2006, Damm, Edward F. (E. Buddy) wrote:


I have a Linux machine that has the ssh daemon running, and am trying to
access it via my windows xp machine with cygwin.

I can ping the linux machine ip address, or nslookup the linux machine
from cygwin. I can also do the reverse with the linux machine to

When I try
~# ssh myuserid@linux-ip-address or ~# ssh linux-ip-address

it hangs for 15-20 seconds, then gives me the following error:
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

First, see if the Linux can SSH to itself. From some other connection or
from the console, run
ssh localhost
This will confirm that the sshd is running and accepting connections. If
it fails, you will know that the problem is on the Linux server.

Then make sure that you do not have a firewall that is blocking an
outbound connection on port 22 (normally). This might be a software
firewall running on your Windows PC. Windows XP SP2 has a built-in
firewall feature, but it is not supposed to block outbound connections,
only inbound connections. Others, though, such as those that are part of
Norton, Symantec, MacAfee, etc. security packages, can block outbound. If
you find one of these in place, you should be able to a) open the port in
question, b) authorize the program in question, or c) temporarily turn the
thing off for testing (be sure to turn it back on).

Finally, if the Windows PC has internet access, you could try connecting
via SSH to someone over the internet.

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