Re: best home router for openssh

Michael Hieb wrote:
> Perhaps not the answer as I suspect you are looking for, but I
> have ALWAYS just built my routers using old PC(s) running linux and
> iptables and I have NEVER had any of these problems. If this seems
> onerous, perhaps can make this easier. Besides
> connectivity, you can sleep easier knowing what your router is really
> doing.
> Good luck...

I agree with you, building old PC's with Linux + iptables or OpenBSD +
pf, both with OpenSSH, has been hassle free for years, on my own end, as
long as the hardware can continue with some more beating. More
flexibility and much easier to maintain in the long run, despite the
learning curve of keeping it as tight as possible, security wise. died though a few years back, it forked to LEAF:
The Bering-uClibc branch is the most up-to-date with the 2.4.31 kernel.

Soekris makes excellent mainboards
for customized routers, especially for BSD and Linux.

Patrick Benson
Stockholm, Sweden

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