Re: best home router for openssh

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Bob Rasmussen wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Michael Hieb wrote:
> > Perhaps not the answer as I suspect you are looking for, but I
> > have ALWAYS just built my routers using old PC(s) running linux and
> > iptables and I have NEVER had any of these problems. If this seems
> > onerous, perhaps can make this easier. Besides
> > connectivity, you can sleep easier knowing what your router is really
> > doing.
> How would this address the fact that the problem I am having is primarily
> with the WIRELESS link?

I think this begs the question as to whether the problem with the routing
part or the wireless part of the "wireless router". Obviously I don't know
which, but you could test by seeing if you have the same problem with a
"wired" connection to the wireless router. My experience is that I build
my own router and hang an airport off one of the interfaces of the home built
router and again I have had zero problems. However, I must add that when I do
this I set the wireless segment on a different LAN segment than my
pincipal network, then block all traffic on the wireless segment except
OpenVPN. Any wireless client connects and then immediately tunnels though and
rejoins my principal network through OpenVPN. FWIW I use a netgear router,
I'll send the exact model when I get home and can check. But I have had
linksys wireless routers in the past and also did not experience problems.

BTW: Sorry for the bogus reference to LRP (I didn't know it was a dead
project when I sent my post).

Hope this helps,


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