Re: AllowUsers issue

On 1/20/06, Vladimir Levijev <vladimir.levijev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > > You forgot to mention the DenyUsers part:
> > >
> > > DenyUsers '*'
> > > AllowUsers myuser
> >
> > I think you'll find that'll stop any users matching the DenyUsers pattern
> > (ie all of them).
> >
> > You only need AllowUsers; if set then users not matching it (or
> > AllowGroups) will be denied.
> Why don't you try, before you "think". Or at least, read the fine
> manual. Here is a hint:
> man sshd_config | grep Users -A9

Sorry, my bad. It appeared, that parameter takes values without the
quotes. So it acts really strange way if you add '*' (quoted) value.
When I tested what I've proposed (I've tested it with unprivileged
user and root, adding unprivileged user to AllowUsers) I could not
login with root any longer (usually I can) but could with the user. So
it looked like it works. Now I figured if I add * (unquoted) value to
DenyUsers it denies all. And the option AllowUsers works fine (accept
only listed) alone.

My apologies,


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