Re: best home router for openssh

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, David Maynard wrote:

> If you haven't, I would try upgrading the firmware on the Linksys. Last
> year, I had the displeasure of using a USRobotics router at my in-laws
> that wouldn't hold an ssh session for more than a few minutes. This year,
> they had finally released a software update that fixed the issue. The USR
> actually worked well after the upgrade. (I wouldn't necessarily recommend
> buying it though. Software updates are rare and I'm not convinced that
> they really care much about that product line.)

I have a similar situation, with a brand new Linksys wireless router.
Following your suggestion, this morning I updated its firmware. Still no
joy. SSH sessions get cut off frequently, although it is better if I'm
closer to the router. Differences even show up in a ping or tracert
command, with times about 10 times higher, or more, for the wireless
connection that for a wired connection. I may get brave and call their
tech support.

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