Re: Bad transmission rate


I would be checking the interface speed and duplex settings on both
the switch (if possible) and the boxes, especially the OpenBSD one and
make sure they match. See the ifconfig(8) man page for the "media" and
"mediaopt" options.

For comparison, I get ~5MB/s copying from my OpenBSD firewall (a P2/400,
using the arcfour cipher), so with faster CPUs on both ends you should
get close to wire speed.

I've tried it with half-duplex and got 1MB/s which is also unsatisfactory.

If the speed/duplex settings don't help, you might also try another type of ethernet interface.

Then I tried a 3COM NIC 3c905CX-TX-M and now I get speeds up to 10.1MB/s what is realy what I wanted ;-)

In the end it seems a little bit strange to me, because the NIC works fine under Linux and while I've installed OpenBSD and fetched the packages through a http-server I got up to 7-8MB/s.

But so long I'm now happy with my OpenBSD/SSH-Box. Thx for the help!