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From: D.N.Vaidya (
Date: 09/25/05

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    Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 08:13:42 +0530

    There is one way we are using to logon to the devices through script for
    automization of backup. Where we have written a script which run's on Linux

    spawn ssh X.X.X.X

    expect "*login:*"
    send "admin\r"
    expect "password:"
    send "Pre$!denT\r"
    expect "*->*"
    send "(the command which you want to execute)\r"
    expect "*(the result line which you expect)*"
    send "exit\r"

    and so on.
    In front of username we have hardcoded the username and infront of password
    we supply the hardcoded passwords.

    I think (not sure) that you can use this for sftp too in place of ssh in
    above lines.

    D. N. Vaidya ( //)) //\\// \\// )

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    > Hello
    > I hope someone can help me with the following problem.
    > Background: We are using SUN hosts running Solaris9. For more than
    > 15 years we have had our users launch a Cshell script to create a tar
    > file. It also does ftp data transfer in the background for
    > archiving on remote Macintosh computers. The users just type the
    > name of the script on the command line and then he/she enters a file
    > name. The process uses .netrc which contains the remote password.
    > Permissions are set so that the users cannot read the contents of
    > .netrc.
    > So, the user does not know the password on the archiving host. Of
    > course ftp has huge security problems. So, I am trying to create a
    > similar process using sftp. I have tried to do this using SUN's
    > Solaris9 ssh-keygen, ssh-agent, ssh-add, etc. I have tried
    > "passwordless" sftp setups I have found on websites. This
    > description is improper. They don't require your normal password,
    > but they do require a new "passphrase" (ie a new password).
    > My question: Help?! Can you tell me how to get Solaris9's version
    > of sftp/ssh to work in such a fashion as I described above. That
    > is, sftp launched with a Cshell script and have the
    > password/passphrase entered in the background perhaps by another
    > shell script, which is called by the first one.
    > Regards.
    > Joseph Vaughn
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